RMI Analytics is the world’s leading market insights provider for the international brewing materials supply chain. Founded in 1999 and based in Switzerland, RMI Analytics utilises its extensive partnerships with the leading companies to provide the world’s only impartial source for barley, malting and brewing related data including :

  • price and supply risks and opportunities,
  • world barley production,
  • supply and demand projections,
  • sowing conditions,
  • weather reports,
  • crop progress,
  • harvest news and industry forecasts.

Our services reach directly more than 5,000 industry experts in over 50 countries throughout the globe. RMI Analytics provides market insights through its annual subscription, including access to regular publications, its Webinar series and Insight Tours.

RMI Analytics’ hosts the World, Barley, Malt, & Beer Conference, the definitive event that brings together the leaders in malt and barley and recognises, through its awards, the outstanding achievements in the industry.

Finally, RMI Analytics makes it Team of Experts available to the industry through dedicated advisory services for our clients in order to support their business success.


Mr. Brent Atthill

Mr. Atthill is currently a principal owner, board member, and managing director for RMI Analytics GmbH, and owner of Atthill Consulting GmbH with a focus on driving client success through the development and implementation of corporate strategies. Brent has over 25+ years of experience in the brewing & malting industries with proven success in global procurement and expertise in agronomic supply chains from field to end-users.  Strong proven leader and business owner with an ability to lead in corporate integration and transformation situations. 

Mr. Jeff Grajewski


Mr. Grajewski is currently a principal owner of RMI Analytics GmbH, and an the owner of Falco Sourcing Solutions LLC.  He is an outstanding procurement & supply chain professional with extensive consultancy experience. Over +30 years of experience in R & D, manufacturing, and procurement in the consumer food & beverage industries working previously for AB InBev, SABMiller, Kraft Foods, Colgate-Palmolive and M&M/Mars. Jeff is focud on business development for RMI, and is an active board member of RMI.



  • Benefit Creation
  • Independent Insights
  • Partnership Approach
  • Industry Expertise



To enhance the decision making of brewing and malting professionals
 by delivering unmatched market transparency and independent insights.



To be the industry-leading provider of impartial
brewing materials data and market insights.

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