What we do

RMI Analytics is the world’s preeminent market insights and networking platform provider for the brewing industry’s critical brewing materials supply chain. Founded in 1999, today RMI Analytics has extensive partnering relationships with a great number of the leading companies located around the globe whom focus on the brewing material supply chain from growers to brewers.

Our services reach directly more than 5,000 industry experts in over 50 countries across all continents. RMI Analytics successfully provides market insights through the Brewing Raw Materials Journal monthly publication and a Webinar series to discuss relevant industry topics. In addition, beer is a product enjoyed socially and RMI Analytics provides industry-leading networking events to promote bringing people together. RMI Analytics’ networking platforms are centered around the World, Barley, Malt, & Beer Conference (WBMBC), along with Insights Tours which deliver in-country opportunities to gain detailed supply chain insights, including barley crop progress development. Finally, RMI Analytics makes it Team of Experts available to the industry through dedicated advisory services for our clients in order to support their business success.


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