RMI Analytics is the world’s preeminent market insights and networking platform provider for the brewing industry’s critical brewing materials supply chain. Founded in 1999, today RMI Analytics has extensive partnering relationships with a great number of the leading companies located around the globe whom focus on the brewing material supply chain from growers to brewers.

Our services reach directly more than 5,000 industry experts in over 50 countries across all continents. RMI Analytics successfully provides market insights through the Brewing Raw Materials Journal monthly publication and a Webinar series to discuss relevant industry topics. In addition, beer is a product enjoyed socially and RMI Analytics provides industry-leading networking events to promote bringing people together. RMI Analytics’ networking platforms are centered around the World, Barley, Malt, & Beer Conference (WBMBC), along with Insights Tours which deliver in-country opportunities to gain detailed supply chain insights, including barley crop progress development. Finally, RMI Analytics makes it Team of Experts available to the industry through dedicated advisory services for our clients in order to support their business success.

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BRMJ 1993

started in 1999, has an impressive history as the leading malting barley
publication, with over 500 editions, reaching the decision-makers and
professionals in our industry throughout the world.

The BRMJ is a unique and impartial source of latest market information together with a selection of views and commentaries from industry insiders to help our customers optimise their decision making leading to greater efficiencies and profitability.

Besides tracking the most significant market data, statistics and information covering all regions, the BRMJ deals with topics such as price and supply risks and opportunities, world barley production, supply and demand projections, sowing conditions, weather reports, crop progress, harvest news and industry forecasts.


RMI hosts Webinars providing expert insights from industry leaders reporting on current affairs and other topics affecting the brewing and malting industry.

The Webinars augment the regular content of the Journal with in-depth reports addressing topical issues. The Webinars provide RMI’s clients with an additional resource to the latest available data and insights.



RMI provides an on-the-ground assessment of selected barley fields in key geographies throughout the world including Argentina, Australia, Czech Republic, France, Scandinavia and the UK.

These insights grant up-to-date reports on projected barley yields and the impact this has on barley supply and demand

The content is provided directly by farmers, brewers and malsters and summarized by RMI for your benefit.


RMI combines 20 years of historical data and unparalleled expertise to provide unique insights and analysis to help our clients make informed decisions,

The RMI data may be used to make earlier decisions and to react to market situations and price-impacting events. The RMI market data will allow you to stay ahead of your competition.



RMI Analytics Advisory services provide an unrivaled blend of market insights, data and expertise enabling our clients to convert data into knowledge, and tailoring solutions to meet your greatest strategic and operational needs.

Our solutions provide original insight, accurate data, trustworthy analysis in a timely manner to enable our clients to make critical decisions, capture strategic opportunities and drive real growth.

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