Our Brewing Raw Material Journal, started in 1999 by Mr. Roger Martin, has an impressive history as the leading malting barley specialty publication, published uninterruptedly for more than 500 editions, reaching the decision-makers and professionals in our industry all over the world.

Twice monthly Brewing Raw Material Journal (BRMJ) is published once in our traditional PDF format and once in our new interactive Webinar presentation. Either way, our clients receive the same valuable, unique, and impartial market insights along with the latest market trends from the brewing materials supply chain.

In addition to tracking the most significant market data, statistics and information covering all regions, the BRMJ deals with relevant topics such as price and supply risks & opportunities, world barley production, supply & demand projections, crop conditions, and industry forecasts. The BRMJ delves related industry elements including commodity futures markets,  foreign exchange and updates on specific regions, such as the European Union, Canada, Australia, the USA, Asia and Africa.

The BRMJ is a summary of our industry knowledge and the views & opinions from respected industry experts within our extensive network. All our work is aimed at supporting our clients in making more informed decisions and improve their business performance..

The BRMJ is researched and written by Brent Atthill, CEO of RMI Analytics.

Subscription of the Brewing Raw Material Journal (BRMJ) 

Our subscribers receive the BRMJ and it’s exclusive insights every two weeks via email. See below two of the editions of the BRMJ in both the new PDF and Webinar formats.

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