World’s 10 most wanted single malts whiskys.

Wine-Searcher, a web search engine that, globally, enables users to locate the price and availability of a given wine, whiskey, spirit or beer with direction to a business selling the alcoholic beverage. One interesting result was the identification the following 10 single malt whiskys as the most wanted: Mallacan 18-YO Sherry Oak ($823); Yamazaki 12-YO ($197); Yamazaki 18-YO ($968), Mallacan Fine & Rare Vintage ($42,300); Glenfiddich 12-YO ($44); Springbank Local Barley 10-YO ($293); Mallacan Edition no 1 ($2,716); Mallacan Sherry Oak 25-YO ($2,385); Ardbeg Arrrrrrrdbeg ($248); Mallacan Limited Edition Classic Cut ($130).