Top brewers Q3 results were a mixture of good news and not-so-good news

AB InBev sales surged past pre-pandemic levels as drinkers switched to more expensive brands and bought beer online. The brewer has also been pushing on in what is called “beyond beer” segment to cater for demand such as hard seltzer. Overall quarterly profit increase by 6.1% while volumes slowed to 3.4%. Molson Coors showed a steady sales result (+1.0%), driven by non-alcoholic products, hard seltzer, and premium brands, in line with 2019 the revitalization plans that focused the company beyond beer, while volumes decreased by 3.6%. Carlsberg showed organic revenues increasing by 7% and the company announcing the launch of its fourth quarterly share buyback programme of 1.25M krones. Heineken announced a volume decline of 5.1% in Q3, due to heavy sales decreases in Asia on the back of Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.