The 100 biggest companies in the world in 2021 by market capitalization?

As of 31stMarch 2021, the world’s biggest companies are worth a record breaking $31.7trillion, up 48% year on year. The top 10 of these 100 companies are: Apple Inc (US) $2.1T; Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia) $1.9T; Microsoft Corp (US) $1.8T; Amazon Inc (US) $1.6T; Alphabet Inc (US) $1.4T; Facebook Inc (US) $839B; Tencent (China) $753B; Tesla Inc (US) $641B; Alibaba GRP (China) $615B; Berkshire Hathaway (US) $588B. 

The Top 5 sectors, representing more than 81.7% of the market capitalization are: Technology 33%; Consumer Discretionary 18.9%; Financials 10.8%; Health Care 10.5%; and Energy 8.5%.