Southern New Hampshire brewers releasing interesting new beers.

Southern New Hampshire brewers (UK) are releasing some interesting new beers, including such as Rockingham brewery’s Remy’s DIPA (9%), a rye-based double IPA; Stark Brewing’s Zilla (8.5%), a double dry hopped & double IPA and Beermisu (5.3%), a dessert stout brewed with coffee, dark sugars and chocolate. Pipe Dream Brewing is launching White Chocolate Mocha Stout (9%), and Straight Trippin’ Triple IPA (10.5%), while Ancient Fire Mead & Cider Brewery is releasing Rogue Flywheel (7%), a hop and spicy raspberry blossom mead with pineapple and habaneros. Lots of higher alcohol products with unique, and innovative ingredients continues to stretch the beer category.