Out of the Box Thinking & Food for Thought

Is travelling by train coming back? The Netherlands and Germany are working to promote just that outcome, with a plan to reduce the travel time between Amsterdam-Berlin by almost 1hour (from 6h22min to 5h27min) by 2030. To further promote train travel, the plan intends for a train to depart Berlin for Amsterdam every hour.

Could we travel 100km in 15min? This is what Europeans wants to achieve by installing a hyperloop test train track in Groningen (The Netherlands). The test track, developed by Delft company, is called the Hardt Hyperloop and will serve as the European test-center for hyperloop travel. This new technology would allow travelling between Amsterdam to Frankfurt (450km) to take only 50 minutes. In the future, Hardt Hyperloop hopes to construct a European hyperloop network that would connect cities across the continent.

How accurate are sniffer dogs in detecting Covid-19? Sniffer dogs in Germany can detect Covid-19 with 94% accuracy after being trained by a veterinary clinic to ‘identify’ the “corona scent” coming from cells within virus-infected people. The dogs can identify people with infections or without infections, as well as individuals who are asymptomatic and symptomatic. So far, these brilliant sniffer dogs have been utilized at airports in Finland and Chile, to help detect the virus amongst air travelers.