Malt News

Crisp Malt announced a new cooperation with The Port of Leith Distillery whereby the malting company sources all the grain from Upper Bolton Farm, outside of Edinburgh. This barley will be malted in the Crisp’s Alloa maltings and following the malt will be transported to the distillery located 45 miles away.

Boortmalt announced the reopening of its Cavan malting plant in South Australia which results from the increased demand for brewing and distilling malts in the Asia Pacific doubling Boortmalt capacity in SA. The timing of the reopening was aided by the close proximity to the Port of Adelaide and Boortmalt’s other malting facility in the region. The re-opening is scheduled for the middle of 2021, after quality and production upgrades, generating an additional annual capacity of 77,000 tons of malt.

Riverbend Malt announced a partnership with New Belgium Brewery to include a portion of a flavourful base malt produced with 2-row barley grown in North Carolina, called Southern Select, to be incorporated in the brewing’s Old Tuffy Premium Lager. New Belgium Brewing sees this as a cooperation to build relationships with local farmers, businesses and purveyors close by the second home of the company in Asheville.