How will the office of the future look?

This is what consultancies across the globe are trying to figure out after the structural changes that took place during the Covid-19 pandemic. More people are working from home, without a significant drop in productivity, and often to the contrary, people find themselves more efficient. To guide companies in this new structural approach to home officing, there are a number suggestion: 1) Redefine the role of the office within the organization by creating work products focused upon collaboration, communication, coaching, and community building which are conducted in the office space; 2) Define work-from-home (WFH) guidelines using data to determine the correct balance between WFH and office work; 3) Remodel the office with a specific aim to better enable collaboration and community building while also fostering brainstorming activities and idea sharing with technology tools patching in remote team members were needed; 4) Regularly update the ways of working with clear standards, guidelines, routines, tools and technology, and risks and controls to accommodate the high percentage of remote work.