Hops News

The April Barth Haas Group COVID monitor shows big constraints in logistics area in Germany, with some degree of constraints in the UK. The German constraints continue to be related to reducing contact to external truck drivers due to COVID measures which is causing significant delays, and cost increases for shipments to Asia due to extreme shortage of reefer containers. The UK constraints refer Covid testing requirements and higher freight rates to compensate for the longer waiting times. As well, airfreight availability is low due to reduced aircraft traffic.

Hop Products Australia have completed their 2021 hop harvest. Overall, they picked 675 hectares resulting in 1,526 metric tons of hops, a 6.9% increase in surface and a -1.6% in metric tons on a year-over-year basis.

Variety Yield (metric tons) Yr-on-Yr variation
Galaxy 974 +7.2%
Vic Secret 233 +11.1%
Ella 91 -20.8%
Enigma 86 +0.7%
Topaz 67 -17.1%
Eclipse 51 +106.9%
Cascade 29 -45.6%
Total 1,529 -1.6%

John I. Haas Inc, part of Barth Haas Group, announced the introduction of new varieties part of the hop-forward brewing innovation Lupomax: Saaz, Ariana, Callista and Huell Melon. These new varieties bring intensified flavours and aromas to give brewers a huge range of options including late and dry hopping to create new beer flavours.