Eleven very bitter and original-style IPAs to enjoy

Bartenders across the US are recommending 11 IPAs that are close to the original IPA taste which contains a heavy hop content: Ruination (Stone Brewery, Grand Rapids Michigan) – 7.7% abv; Resinate IPA (Crafthaus Brewery, Last Vegas) – 6.5% abv; 90 Minute IPA (Dogfish Head Brewery) – 9% abv; Drankful IPA (Sierra Nevada Brewery) – 7.4% abv; IPA from Crooked Stave brewery – 6% abv; Kilometer 24.7 (Patagonia brewery) – 4.5% abv; The Alchemist (Heady Topper Brewery) – 8%; Pliny the Elder (Russian River brewery) – 8% abv; Ghost in the Machine (Parish brewery) – 8% abv; Snake Handler (Good People brewery) – 10% abv; Hop Bullet double IPA (Sierra Nevada) – 8% abv. 

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