AeroFarms growing hydroponic hop plants without soil

AeroFarms, a sustainable indoor agriculture company based in Newark (New Jersey, USA), is growing hydroponic hop plants without soil by submerging in AeroFarms’ patented growth medium and nutrient-rich water. This method produces Cascade hops year-round while avoiding changes in weather, soil conditions, and any other environmental factors that come with traditional cropping. Due to fluctuating weather extremes (extreme temperatures, droughts, frosts, and flooding) impacting crop production an increase of indoor farming is expected for the craft beer industry and beyond. The indoor agricultural industry took off in 2020, as companies like Freight FarmsElevate FarmsPlenty, and BrightFarms raised large funding rounds to construct major expansions. These companies are branching out to produce crops like strawberries, tomatoes, and cucumbers. For example, AeroFarms already produces over 550 varieties of plants, including leafy greens, hops, berries, and tomatoes.