AB InBev: embarking on an innovative tech journey

AB InBev is making more and more use of hi-tech in its operations. Some examples: The St. Louis brewery, Missouri, has a
‘digital twin’ – a virtual replica of the real brewery that allows for immediate equipment repairs, testing of new brewery scenarios; Putian warehouse in China, introduced a forklift technology that detects the presence of a pedestrian within an unsafe distance and pushes the brakes; the digital hub in Jaguariuna, Brazil, allows its teams to monitor the delivery fleet – arrival, departures and performance; in Mexico and Dominican Republic, drivers serving small grocery stores and neighbourhood retailers are equipped with a series of mobile tools to allow communication on arrival times, product availability, amount owed, as well as allowing retailers to make digital payments. Technology is used also in the training materials, via YouTube provide videos of breweries SOPs and automatic, immediate translation, with the help of AI, of these materials into dozens of languages.