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Contest to name new barley.

November 12 2020  


Cornell University launched a contest to name a new barley and to support the New York state’s craft brewing industry. The barley, released by plant breeders at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, is the first climate adapted grain in the state. The barley it is resistant to local fungal pathogens and pre-harvest sprouting in the wet climate of the state. The barley will be available to brewers by autumn 2021 and will help the state farm breweries to meet the requirement that 90% their ingredients to come within the state by 2024. The contest goes until December 3rd with the winner being announced on December 16th, during the virtual Entire State Barley and Malt Summit. 

New black owned brewery in Grand Rapids craft beer scene
November 20, 2020

The first beer of Jamaal Ewing and Terry Rostic, the co-founders of Black Calder Brewing, was launched Friday after Thanksgiving as a black IPA with chocolatey notes and a citrusy finish. Even though the pandemic delayed some of the plans of the two co-founders, they continue their search of a location and intend to create a welcoming space for people in the neighborhood to gather.  

Brewing Company to support Air Ambulance.
November 19, 2020

Birmingham Brewing Company is partnering with Midlands Air Ambulance Charity to raise funds for the local lifesaving service, by introducing a low alcohol beer to the festive range gift of the charity. The brewery is donating 5% for each sale to support the critical aircrew of the Charity and its vital work this Christmas. The two organization will jointly host a virtual beer tasting event on Thursday December 3rd.

A Stratford Brewery tops in the International Beer Challenge.
November 18, 2020

Free Way IPA of Athletic Brewing was named “supreme champion” globally in a right competition and in front of hundreds of beers entered in the competition. Brazil’s Crevejara Wals, neck on neck with Athletic Brewing beer, and three other regional leader were named the world’s supreme overall brewer this year. 

Aphria (a cannabis firm) Acquires an American Craft Brewers.
November 14, 2020

Cannabis firm Aphria announced on November 4th to have acquired SweetWater Brewing Company, a craft brewer from Atlanta. The craft brewer generates sales of $66.6million, net income of $22.7million and is top 14 American craft brewer by 2019 sales. Besides expanding into a new business venture, this is a way for Aphria to make inroads into the United States market, in expectation of US federal legalization of cannabis.

Israel – Using Canadian Cannabis Industry Framework to Roll Out an Adult Use Market
November 20, 2020

Middle November, the Israel Justice Minister said that Israel is looking to legalise recreational cannabis within nine months. In anticipation of parliament approval of such a legalization, HEXO Corporation, a Canadian cannabis producer, announced a contract with Breathe of Life, a leading Israeli cannabis company. Hexo’s leverage on the Israeli market is related to the its relationship with Molson Coors. Molson provides Hexo with the necessary infrastructure to expand and help the Hexo to execute on the international side.

AB InBev announced the redemption of $2.55bn and €1.16bn.
November 16, 2020


The company announced in a press release on Nov 16th 2020, the details and conditions (series, dates) under which its wholly owned subsidiaries AB InBev Worldwide Inc and AB InBev Finance Inc are exercising their  respective options to redeem the outstanding principal amounts of selected notes.

Budweiser launches “Budweiser Smooth Kick off promo”.
November 27, 2020


To celebrate the recently launched football season, and as an official sponsor of English Premier League, the global beer giant announced the launch of a “Budweiser Smooth Kick off promo”. The promo gives the chance to win brand new cars (Mercedes Benz), Playstation 5 consoles and other prizes. Customers can win prizes by buying a 600ml bottle of Budweiser and thereafter text the unique code under the crown to 20050, all whilst enjoying their favorite La Liga and Premier League matches.  

Heineken challenge to close the distribution gap in China.
November 23, 2020


A Bernstein analyst argues that Heineken still does not succeed to get its
distribution right in China. He sees this as the biggest challenge for the new
CEO, Dolf van den Brink. The analyst is basing his arguments on a survey made by Bernstein that shows Heineken distribution in the key premium restaurants channel limited to Chengdu, Hangzhou and Shenyang, all three being strongholds of China Resources Enterprise (Heineken joint venture partner in China) and should therefore represent the “
lowest hanging fruits” for the company. Nevertheless, Heineken penetration seems to be behind its competitors – in Hangzhou, the region with the highest penetration for
Heineken, 45% of restaurants list the brand, while AB InBev is mentioned 55% of the time and Snow, China Resource beer, is mentioned 65% of the time. In the other regions the situation is worse.

Heineken teams up with Kelley O’Hara for a groundbreaking women’s sports podcast.

November 20, 2020

Kelly O’Hara, member of the US Women’s Soccer National Team launched a sports podcast in July 2020, growing to over 300,000 subscribers. The podcast is entitled Just Women’s Sports. For season 2, Kelly O’Hara is teaming up with Heineken with the aim to increase visibility on today’s most celebrates female athletes and reshape the media landscape for women’s sports coverage. Season 2 will features personal stories from top athletes including Allyson Felix, Carli Lloyd, Michelle Wie, Stephanie Gilmore, Mallory Pugh and Cat Osterman. 

Molson Coors unveils new Canadian craft beer range.

November 16 2020

Fine Company, a new craft beer brand of Molson Coors, will roll out in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, before the end of the year. Initially, there will be two beers launch – a 4.8% abv blonde lager and a 5.1% abv IPA, with more to follow next year.  

Papillon Noir IPA features Enigma and Citra hops.

November 26, 2020


A Vancouver collective that “combines beer, art and community to release limited batches of custom cans designed by local artists,”, called HYPHA Project, announced details of an upcoming release: Papillon Noir (6.5% abv) – a dry, crisp, drinkable double-dry hopped Northeast style IPA featuring Enigma + Citra hops. The balanced collection expresses notes of pinot gris, berries, bright citrus, stone + tropical fruits that will tantalize the senses. Whirlpooling & multiple dry hop additions make this aromatic beer come alive!    

United Malt affirms that China barley ban is felt around the world

November 12 2020


China’s heavy demand of US corn has pushed up prices of barley and corn in Canada, where these grains sourced in the US are used as feed grains. This is part of part of the second phase of the trade deal with Washington and its decision to exclude Australian barley – China decided to introduce tariffs on Australia’s barley. In corroboration with a less good China crop.  

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