European Union Commission announces the European Green Deal

European Union Commission announced the European Green Deal with concrete milestones and tools to making EU climate-neutral by 2050, making transport sustainable for all, cleaning the EU energy system, renovating buildings for greener lifestyles and much more. Under this new green deal, the EU Commission proposed, and EU leaders endorsed new targets to reduce net …

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Castle Malting announces sustainability-focused developments

Castle Malting announced sustainability-focused developments at its factory in Hombourg, France including 10,000sq meters of solar panels producing 1MW of electrical energy, and the world’s largest electric malt roasting facility designed to produce malts without any contact with fire and by using only green energy.

Victoria Bitter (VB) going green

Victoria Bitter (VB), part of Asahi Beverages Australia, is going green by starting Melbourne beer deliveries by electric trucks. Victoria’s most iconic beer will be transported in a new Volvo FL all electric by beverage logistic partner, BevChain (a wholly owned subsidiary of Linfox). The trucks will be powered by 100% offset solar power drawn …

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Asahi publishes 2020 Sustainability results and 2021 Company priorities

Asahi has published their 2020 sustainability results in addition to their Company 2021 priorities which focus upon specific list of Planet-friendly actions. The main effortrs include reducing CO2 emissions & energy consumption, optimizing & greening transport, maximizing circular packaging, reducing and securing water consumption, stimulating inclusion & wellbeing (replacing stimulating social and economic growth), promoting …

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Heineken has launched a challenge with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce

Under the Chamber’s ‘Open Innovation Platform’ to search out innovative and inspiring solutions to increase the amount of high-quality glass recycling. The company aim is to connect with entrepreneurs from the Netherlands and abroad to improve circularity of its glass packaging which is a major desire from beer consumers.

Heineken is using all-electric trucks to deliver beer throughout Amsterdam.

The converted FUSO eCanter (from Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation) will be used for emission free deliveries to on-premise locations in Amsterdam’s City Centre. The FUSO eCanter has a large beer tank mounted on the vehicle, creating the first electric powered mini-tank beer truck, according to the company.

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