Microwaves beams could lead to small quantum computers.

Researchers have proven a decades-old theory to simplify how silicon quantum processors operate, and potentially paving the way for vastly more powerful computing devices. Previously, quantum computers tended bulky machines the size of a fridge with significant control and cooling systems. This solution overcomes a huge hurdle in scaling-up processor power to tackle more difficult …

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What are the five keys to success for e-commerce marketplace platforms?

Research done with over 350 consumer brands revealed the following key success factors on e-commerce marketplaces platforms: Design for online, meeting marketplace retailers’ profitability targets including shipping costs to end consumers Be retail ready, with all items accurately listed in a digital catalogue Brand consistency across different marketplaces regarding packaging etc. Develop a purposeful assortment …

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How old are America’s oldest beers?

Some research done by 24/7 Wall Street shows that first recorded beer brewed on American soil dates to 1587, with the first brewery appearing in 1632. The oldest beers of America originated in just a handful of states, with Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Missouri.

Will there be an e-Euro?

In July this year, the European Central Bank (ECB) announced a project to create a digital Euro with a roll-out plan over the next five years. The project’s aim is to create a new, secure means of digital payment for citizens across the Eurozone. The digital Euro, called e-Euro, would be an electronic version of …

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Is biking establishing itself as first choice transportation mode?

The combination of the coronavirus pandemic and climate pledges is resulting in cycling taking off as a preferred mode of transportation. As riders look to improve their carbon footprint and get healthier at the same time, there are shortages developing across the bicycle supply chain including production. 

First underwater farm was created in Italy

The Ocean Reef Group created a unique structure consisting of six underwater greenhouses off the coast of Noli, Italy. The farm, called “Nemo’s Garden”, produced various herbs such as basil and different types of salad, tomatoes, courgettis, beans, green peas, aloe vera, mushrooms and strawberries. 

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