Boortmalt, BASF and Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI)

Boortmalt, BASF and Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) Platform are cooperating to implement BASF AgBalance assessment tool with 800 Irish farmers. The initiative will also allow farmers to achieve an independent verification for the sustainability of their crop production. Boortmalt also announced it received a B score in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) 2020 report, both …

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At the end of 2020, Malteurop’s Spanish operation established a bespoke craft brewing division, named InterMaltaCraft, aimed to focus on the local market. This follows a similar path taken by Boortmalt via its divisions such as Belgomalt, Les Malteries, Pauls Malt to focus on the craft brewing sector.

Boortmalt Group

Sapporo launched a new beer brand in Japan, “Extra Malt”, using a new Canadian malt produced by Prairie Malt (part of Boortmalt Group). The malt is using PlatinumStar barley variety developed by Sapporo, which contains a reduction of lipids that results in enhanced and prolonged product freshness as well as improved foam stability.  

Malt Apprenticeship Week

Muntons Plc held the National Apprenticeship Week 2021 between February 8th and 14th. The event was targeted not only for school leavers, but also to support the development for the leaders of tomorrow.

Scotch Whisky hit by US tariffs

The Scotch Whisky Association reports that Scotch Whisky exports have experienced losses of £500million, due to the import tariffs imposed by the US, in retaliation against the EU subsidies given to aircraft maker Airbus. Latest figures suggest that single malt exports have fallen by more than a third, since a 25% tariff was imposed in …

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The 5 Best Single Malt Scotch Whiskies to sample in 2021.

Single malt Scotch Whiskies offer unique flavour and ‘character’ with a spirit of the place and people that crafted them. The following 5 single malt whiskies are recommended to be trialed in 2021: Ancnoc 18 year old, Balblair 18 years old, Bunnahabhain 12 year old, Old Pulteney 18 year old, and Tobermory 23 years old.

Belgomalt releases a spiced malt

At the end of 2020, Belgomalt Belgium, released a Winter infusion malt series formed by adding spice into the malting process. The malt series, to be fully disclosed in 2021, contains three different malts – infusion 1, infusion 2 and infusion 3. This innovation is in response to changing consumer demands for more unique and …

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Suntory single malt whiskey returns

The 12-year single malt Japanese whiskey Hakushu, produced by Suntory, is being sold again, after being discontinued two years ago. The whiskey is distilled in the northern region of the Southern Japanese Alps. The whiskey will be available in Japan from March 30th at a price of ¥8,500 (USD80) for a 23.7-ounce bottle.

Craft Malt Conference goes virtual.

This year, the North America Craft Maltsters Guild decided to move the fourth annual Craft Malt Conference to a virtual space. The conference is scheduled to take place between February 10th and 12th. The guild is expecting that a virtual event will also increase the participation, making the conference more accessible.

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