The Golden Promise barley variety story

Simpsons Malt (UK) is promoting the story of the Golden Promise variety, which the company has helped keep commercially available since the 1980s. Over that time, Simpsons acquired the Plant Variety Rights in 2015, as continued growth of this variety took place in the craft brewing sector

New single malt whisky made with Texas grown grain

Andalusia Whiskey Co (Texas, USA) produced a new single malt whisky using barley grown in the Lone Star State. The grain is grown in the Panhandle region and malted by craft maltster, TexMalt located in Fort Worth.

Muntons has designed a set of homebrew kits that are unique to the market, called Flagship.

The kits are due to launch in 2022 and will be packed with the finest quality malt extract, hops and adjuncts, premium hop pellets for dry-hopping and a hop straining bag. To support a good outcome, a step-by-step instruction guide tailored to the specific kit style is included. Each kit allows the homebrewer to enjoy …

Muntons has designed a set of homebrew kits that are unique to the market, called Flagship. Read More »

Malteurop North America

Malteurop North America continues the approval process with Malting and Brewing Industry Barley Technical Committee for the Company’s Kiwi barley variety with an aim to obtain accreditation in 2022.  

Riverband Malt expands capacity

Riverband Malt has expanded capacity by 40% through the installation of a new 10-ton Germination Kiln Vessel (GVK) which is the third GVK in the malting operation. The capacity growth was necessitated in order to keep up with malt demand from craft brewers.

A full supply chain approach to support barley and water sustainability.

Holland Malt started harvesting barley from their FarmerBeerWater project (“BoerBierWater” in Dutch language), a small project in cultivating barley close to the maltings and brewery in Lieshout. The project integrates the water management of farming activities with the brewery and maltings. 

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