Hops imports into Brazil

Hops imports into Brazil reached new record in 2021, when the country imported 3,506 tons, an increase of 66% year-on-year. Germany is the biggest exporter (with 63% of market share), to the South America country with a big beer history. Second Place is the USA, coming in at second place (with 33% of the market …

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BarthHaas restarts monthly coronavirus reports

BarthHaas restarted their monthly coronavirus report with their January report showing an ‘amber’ situation in Europe regarding business continuity. An Amber rating requires constant health checks and screening of personnel, intensive sanitation measures and separation of shifts and logistics (due to social distancing and availability issues). Further, delays continue with increased costs associated due to …

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BarthHaas Japanese researchers carried out a medical study for 3 weeks, during which they evaluated the effect of non-alcoholic beer containing 35mg of hop bitter acids (iso-alpha acids and humulinones) on people’s mood, sleep, quality, and work performance. They found that hop bitter acids significantly improved total mood state, including anxiety, depression, fatigue, and vigour …

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More beer produced using Florida hops

Craft brewers are using more and more of the hops grown in the research program at the University of Florida’s Institute for Food and Agriculture Services. Brewers’ are attracted to the completely different flavour and aroma profile from the local hops over other varieties and helps create uniquely Floridian-style IPAs and lagers.

USA entrepreneurs are starting up hop growing activities, in Indiana and Illinois, aimed at serving the local craft brewing industry. Two examples: 1./ Family members, Tim Byrne and Kory Byrne, from Floyds Knobs (Indiana), started Knob View Hops company. Their hops are regularly featured in beers at Our Lady of Perpetual Hops, a craft brewer …

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Czech announces record hop harvest

Czech farmers happily announce that the 2021 hop harvest resulted in the largest production of hops in over a quarter century, and as a result allows the Czech Republic to further compete on global markets. The record 8500-ton yield came despite extreme weather fluctuations during the growing harvest but in the end a very good …

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