Herefordshire kilns transformed into holiday lets

The National Trust (UK) submitted a request to Herefordshire Council to turn two farm buildings near Bromyard into three holiday rentals, with hop kilns being part of the scheme. The scheme aims to create two one-bed holiday rentals which will be labelled Hop Kiln Mews and Hop Kiln Barn.

Having fun at the Sixth Annual Hops & Hogs festival

After one year of various lockdowns, the crowds in Aiken (SC), gathered close to Newberry Street, to take part in the Sixth Annual Hops & Hogs festival. The festival can accommodate thousands of visitors for the enjoyment of beer, barbecue, brisket, wine, ice cream and other options, including music from a number of live brands.

Yakima Chief Hops announced the launch of Cryo Pop Original Blend

Yakima Chief Hops announced the launch of Cryo Pop Original Blend that uses groundbreaking research to improve the carrying of hop aroma into finished beers. The new blend is combining the Company’s 2017 cryogenic hop processing technology with cutting edge hop lab analysis techniques. The company’s R&D facility houses one of the world’s few labs …

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The Barth Haas Group COVID monitor

The Barth Haas Group COVID monitor continues to identify constraints in the logistics area for Germany, and to a degree in the UK as well. The German constraints remain as follows: protocols to minimize contact with external truck drivers which causes significant delays and additional costs increases; and an extreme shortage of reefer containers needed …

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Hop merchant and processor contributes to musician relief fund.

Crosby Hop, an integrated hop processor and merchant in the US Northwest announced the first annual ‘Rock on Beer’ collaboration to benefit Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, which provides financial assistance to musicians and music industry workers. The contribution will donate the full profits from selected ‘Rock on Hops’ purchases through July 1st, 2021.

Craft brewer launching new IPAs based on experimental hop mixed

Big Rock Brewery (Canada) is launching a series of beers, called Hop Head IPA House, based on mixing experimental hops and playlists from Spotify. The quartet of beers has the following hop flavours mixes: 1. mango-coconut-stone fruit; 2. A hazy west coast IPA; 3. orange-vanilla-pineapple; 4. / tropical fruit-citrus-earthy pine sensations.

Citra Hops

Citra Hops is a hop actively utilized across a wide range of creative styles of IPAs from numerous craft brewers. Citra hops was first bred by the Hop Breeding Company, in 2007, and is assumed to lend a smooth flavor and aroma that registers as both deliciously floral and citrus forward. In 2019, this leading …

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