Main activities

RMI Analytics is responsible for the publication of the Brewing Raw Materials Journal (BRMJ), highly regarded throughout the world as a source of independent commentary and analysis of malting barley and malt. The bi-weekly publication started in 1999 and is largely appreciated for its valuable information and concise format. It provides comprehensive coverage of all markets including statistics, world barley supply and demand projections, crop progress, harvest news as well as malting and feed barley prices, commentaries and foreign currency exchange data.

Starting in 2001, the company organises The World Barley, Malt and Beer Conference (WBMBC), a global event that offers a most-appreciated opportunity for senior commercial executives and managers involved in the barley, malt and beer supply chain to meet and discuss various topics covering all sectors of the industry. It provides an opportunity for participants to attend talks where highly reputable speakers lecture about the latest market developments, innovations, advances and challenges concerning the barley and malt industry. It also provides many opportunities to develop new business relationships in the barley and malting industries, as well as the brewing industry. The conference is organized every two years in different locations.

The most recent WBMBC took place in 2015, in Dublin, Ireland.

Since 2012 RMI Analytics has organised crop tours which have rapidly become a great independent platform to visit the most important barley growing regions in the world, including Europe, Canada and Australia. During these trips a number of large and highly professional farms as well trial fields are visited where participants can examine the major current commercial varieties as well as new genetic innovations which keep malting barley an attractive crop for growers in the future.

RMI Analytics also hosted its first annual Craft Supply Conference (CSC) in Portland, OR from Nov. 4-6, 2013. The attendees were able to get a great overview of their raw material supplies from leading individuals from the barley, malt and hops industries. The CSC returned in 2014 in Philadelphia, PA where a fantastic selection of speakers discussed developments with participants. The next CSC will be in 2016.

Apart from these activities, RMI Analytics provides a series of services that include market insights, developing of networking platforms and custom advisory work.