The history of the company dates back to 1999, when Roger Martin first published the Brewing Raw Material Journal(BRMJ). The company and the BRMJ were founded upon the idea of filling the gap in independent information within the brewing raw material industry.

Mr Martin continued publication of the UK based BRMJ earning a reputation throughout the world as a source of independent commentary and analysis on malting barley, malt, as well as related markets. Over the years the number of subscribers increased constantly and by the middle of 2011 the bi-weekly BRMJ was received by about 250 business people all across the globe, 35% from the brewing industry, and 65% from the malting industry.

In addition to the BRMJ, Roger Martin founded RMI Conferences Ltd. This company established the unique World Barley, Malt and Beer Conference in 2001. Today, this biennially hosted event is the most recognized global industry conference for barley, malt and beer specialists. The conference is well-known for its highly respected speakers, rewarding discussions, and changing venue selection which always ensures participants are given a unique platform to exchange ideas.

Since 2011 RMI Analytics AG has published the BRMJ and organised the global program of events and conferences while upholding the traditions of the publication by bringing views and commentary on the vital issues that affect the brewing raw material industry.

RMI Analytics is registered in Lucern, Switzerland.