RMI Analytics Crop Tour Report – 2013 Scandinavia


Between August 6th and 8th, RMI Analytics AG successfully conducted the third in its series of malting barley tours.  This was the first time that the event was held in Scandinavia and took the malting barley industry experts, from 11 different countries, to the South of Sweden and the Danish regions of Zealand, Fyn and Jutland. These regions are known to be major malting barley production areas and thus they are important for the domestic maltsters and brewers and a large number of export customers.


During the trip a number of large and highly professional farms as well as various trial fields were visited. Participants could examine the major current commercial varieties as well as new genetic innovations which will keep malting barley an attractive crop for growers in the future.


In Sweden the total spring barley acreage is 375.000 HA this year, slightly more than in 2012.

The largest variety grown is Tipple, followed by the variety Quench and to a smaller extent but increasing, the variety Propino. All trial plots and commercial fields visited were in very good condition. In the south of Sweden, where about 40% of the Swedish spring barley is grown, the harvest had already started. This provided the group with the opportunity to see not only the crops in the field, but also to look at some samples of physically harvested material. Yields are promising with results even up to 8.5 MT/ha, while the 5-year average at these South Swedish farms is 7.0 MT/ha. With an average of 9.7% – 10.2% the protein content is in the lower end of the specification range but not of any concern. Some secondary growth could be observed due to dry conditions in April/May followed by a rather wet month of June. This is not considered to be a major problem.


In Denmark spring barley is grown on 580.000 HA, considerably down from 628.000 HA in 2012, but well above the 2011 acreage of 471.000 HA. The group visited several farms in Zealand, Fyn and Jutland. Weather permitting, harvest should start on a larger scale at the beginning of week 33. The yield expectation is around 6.5 MT/ha, which is in line with the 5-year average. The spring barley is healthy and in good condition. The main variety grown still remains Quench with a market share of 45%. The varieties Columbus with 14% and Evergreen with 15% are the newcomers in spring barley. The varieties Odysee, Paustian and KWS Irina which have been studied in trial fields are all considered potential new commercial varieties in the year ahead.


With good conditions for spring malting barley in these two important malting barley production countries, participants felt quite assured about a good malting barley supply both for the domestic needs of about 550,000 MT Sweden and Denmark combined as well for the combined export surplus which could be as big as 1.6 million metric tons.


The team at RMI Analytics would like to use this opportunity to thank once again the crop tour sponsors: Copenhagen Merchants, DLG, DMG, Lantmännen and Sejet Plant Breeding. Furthermore, we would like to thank each individual participant who made the effort to join us, making the RMI Analytics crop tour a unique networking event within the industry.


This is the first time that RMI Analytics AG has conducted this Scandinavian Crop Tour and the positive feedback that we have received has encouraged us to repeat this event within the RMI Analytics networking portfolio.


Please download our PRESS RELEASE here.


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